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File size and Resolution

File format
The default image format for download is the standard JPG. In addition to offering JPG's, the majority of the scans are also stored on backup drives in PSD format (the industry standard PhotoShop file).

Should you require the original PSD file, I can make these available at a small extra cost. As a rule of thumb, this will be roughly twice the listed price as for the standard JPG. I can also convert the original PSD files into virtually any format you require, just ask.

Resolution / Quality - DPI (Dots Per Inch)
The vast majority of scans are currently available at 200 dpi or higher, going up to 600 dpi. The overall standard I'm aiming for is 400 dpi, and its a continuous work in progress to rescan everything to this standard.

Please check the details for any image you are interested in to check the resolution is suitable for you purpose. If I still have the original image I can scan it to your specific requirements. If the information you require is not yet available on the website, please email me for clarification.

Not sure if the resolution is high enough?
For general website use, a resolution as little as 72 dpi is acceptable. If you are looking for images for a professionally printed job, eg a book, then aim for a resolution of 300 dpi as a minimum, 400 would be better.

All scans on this website are suitable for website work.

File sizes - kilobytes and megabytes
At 400 dpi, the file sizes of these images can be quite surprising for the unwary. An A3 sized full page advert saved in PSD format (PhotoShop) can be as large as 70 megabytes. The same image saved in the standard JPG format will only be around 7 megabytes.

All images on are supplied in jpg format, other formats available upon request.

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