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Why buy a scan?

Why purchase a Scan, and not an original?

Its simple - scans are cheap, originals are expensive

Original paper adverts are expensive, have limited supply, are difficult to scan, and can take a long time to arrive.

Scans are relatively cheap, the hard work is already done for you, and they are instantly available via a download.


I buy and sell antique adverts. It soon became evident that a significant number of customers were not collectors, but were buying the original paper advertisements to use in their research work, or as illustrations in a book or other company publication. I've even had an examination board buying an advert to use in a exam paper.

For these customers, they didn't really want the original advert, all they required was a good quality high resolution scan of the image. And the idea for was born.

You would imagine that good size scans are readily available on the internet. A quick search on google images gives the impression that you can 'pinch' them from many websites. But when you start to look a bit more closely you soon realise that almost everything that seems free to grab is low quality, low resolution, and rarely the actual image that you desire.

And then there's the issue of size, the actual paper size of some of the adverts. Old Victorian papers were large, and as the power of mass advertising was increasingly recognised, many companies started taking out full page advertisements.

The size of these full page adverts are what we'd now call A3 size. Very few computer users have access to an A3 scanner as they are prohibitively expensive. So even if they do purchase an original advert there's very little they can do with it, not on a little A4 sized scanner.

Here on Advert Scans I aim to provide good quality scans suitable for both simple website illustration and design work, up to high resolution scans as required by professional printers.

When you purchase a scan you will get the highest resolution scan available. Its a simple matter to reduce the quality should you decide to do so.
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